Wood Pulp High Density Cleaner

In paper industry,wood pulp is one of the more extensive raw materials for the production of paper products.
This high density cleaner is Leizhan HD series cleaner,mainly used for wood pulp deslagging.

Wood pulp high density cleaner festures

1.The slurry concentration is suitable for a wide range, and it can efficiently remove slag in the concentration
range of 2-5%.

2.The wood pulp high density cleaner compared with the traditional high density cleaner, this cleaner has a larger
aspect ratio, longer vertebral body, smaller vertebral angle, and better slag removing effect.

3.Equipped with two pneumatic penetrating slag discharge valves, the gate material is wear-resistant stainless

4.Can be interlocked with PLC control system.

5.There is a pressure water backwash device at the cleaner bottom to reduce fiber loss.

6.The high density cleaner slag discharge port is specially designed to prevent clogging.


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