Which paper types can be produced with chemi-machanical pulp

Chemical mechanical pulp abbreviated as CMP, is the name of an intermediate product pulp in the paper
manufacturing process
.In chemimechanical pulping,the chemical treatment conditions are mild, the pulp retains
more lignin content in the raw materials,and the damage to cellulose is less.So which paper types can be produced
with chemi-machanical pulp?


Chemical mechanical pulp has high yield, low cost, high bulk, opacity, and good stiffness. At the same time, the
unique properties of large surface area and high fine fiber content make chemical pulp more and more widely used
in paper mills.


The main factors affecting the quality of chemical mechanical pulp are wood type, wood chip quality, refining
concentration, pre-steaming conditions, chemical impregnation conditions, refining pressure, disc mill structure,
disc mill revolutions, etc.Therefore, the yield of different types of chemical mechanical pulp is quite different.


Generally, the natural chemical mechanical pulp with a lower yield has higher physical strength, and is mostly
used in the production of packaging cardboard and corrugated base paper; The bleached pulp is mostly used in the
production of mid-range printing paper. The chemical mechanical pulp with higher yield and lighter color or after
proper bleaching is mostly used in the production of newsprint, medium and low-grade printing paper or used in
coating white board paper. Among various chemical mechanical pulps, the hardwood neutral sodium sulfite
semi-chemical pulp has the largest output, which is mainly used for cardboard production.


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