What’s the raw material to producing white board paper?

The white board paper mainly used for single-sided color printing and made into cartons for packaging,so the
production of white board paper has a good market prospect. What’s the raw material to producing white
board paper


The white board paper main structure:Surface layer,Liner layer,Core layer,Bottom layer.


1.The surface layer requires high whiteness and certain strength,the raw material usually use bleached sulphate
wood pulp or Or add some bleached chemical straw pulp and white paper edge waste paper pulp;

2.The liner layer plays  the role of isolating the surface layer and the core layer. It also requires a certain degree
of whiteness,so usually use 100% mechanical wood pulp or light-colored waste paper pulp ;

3.The core layer mainly used for filling to increase the thickness of the white board and improve the stiffness.
Generally use mixed waste paper pulp or straw pulp;

4.The bottom layer has the functions of improving the appearance of the white board, increasing the strength,
and preventing curling. It usually made from high-yield pulp or better waste paper pulp.


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