What was the earliest raw material for papermaking in ancien

China was the first country to invent papermaking. Before paper was invented, Chinese records mostly relied on
tortoise shells, animal bones, gold stones, bamboo slips, wooden slips,etc. Do you know what’s the earliest raw material
for papermaking in ancient China


Historical data indicate that writing paper was invented in the early Western Han Dynasty in the 2nd century BC. At
that time, the raw materials for papermaking were mainly made of hemp and a small amount of ramie fibers. This is the
earliest plant fiber paper in the world.


In the first year of Yuanxing in the Eastern Han Dynasty (105 AD), Cai Lun proposed a method of “making paper from
bark, hemp, lint, and fish nets” on the basis of bleached hemp paper, and made major improvements in papermaking
technology. , To further expand the papermaking raw materials, and greatly improve the quality of paper.


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