What is Twin Wire Paper Making Machine

The twin wire paper making machine is a new type of paper making machine.Themain structure feature is:the
headbox is places on the upper end of wire section(upright type),and there are two fourdrinier wire symmetrically installed
in a wedge shape.This twin wire paper making machine structure is different with fourdrinier wire paper
making machine,which only has one fourdrinier wire.

Twin wire paper making machine features

1.It has broken through the speed limit of fourdrinier wire and cylinder mould paper machines. it is generally above
1000 m/min, and some are as high as 2100 m/min.

2.Due to the special performance of the headbox, the speed of the net is uniform and stable throughout the entire web, the
formed paper fiber and filler are evenly dispersed, and the horizontal paper width basis weight is consistent.

3.The wire of the twin wire paper machine is short, the wire rolls are all installed in the wire section, the wire is bent
in the same direction, and the vacuum suction box is less than the ordinary fourdrinier paper machine, so the wire of
twin wire paper machine is easy to change; the wire tension stable, small friction and long service life.

What’s the difference of three type paper machine?

There are three types of paper making machine: Fourdrinier wire paper making machine, cylinder mould paper
making machine and twin wire paper making machine. The fourdrinier wire paper making machine has features with high speed and
good finished paper, but it has complex structure, large area, high cost, and high power consumption; The structure of the
cylinder mould paper making machine is simpke,low cost, but the finished paper has poor uniformity,vertical and horizontal
tension ratio fluctuates greatly, and the working speed is low; the twin wire paper making machine has the advantages of
fast dehydration forming, good finished paper uniformity, and small area, but the cost is high.


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