What is the role of pulp fine fiber in Papermaking?

Papermaking pulp is generally composed of long fiber fractions and fine fibers. Generally, the part that can pass through a 200-mesh sieve is called fine fibers. So what is the role of fine fibers in papermaking?


In the papermaking process, the paer pulp fine fibers will not only affects the operation process of the paper machine, such as retention, water filtration, white water recovery system, auxiliary efficacy, drying speed, etc., but also affects various properties of paper. Such as paper structure, physical strength properties, optical properties, printing properties, etc.


The content of fibrillar fines in the kraft wood pulp fines is high, which is relatively soft, which is very beneficial to improve the strength of paper;


Mechanical wood pulp fine fibers have a high content of flaky fine fibers, high lignin content, and stiffness, which is beneficial to improving the optical properties of paper;


The high content of miscellaneous cells in grass pulp fine fibers is not conducive to the improvement of paper strength. The fines also affect other properties of the paper through process behavior (eg retention, etc.).


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