What is the Duplex Board Paper Production Process?

The duplex board paper is made on multi-cylinder duplex board paper machine or fourdrinier duplex
board paper machine
,the slurry is generally divided into surface layer,lining layer,core layer,bottom layers.
the colors of different layers are different according to production needs,the raw materials used are different,
so the duplex board paper production process is also different.


In the duplex board production line,the surface layer with high whiteness,usually use bleached sulphate
wood pulp or mixed with partially bleached chemical straw pulp and white paper edge waste paper pulp as
raw material;the lining layer also has a certain whiteness, usually use 100 % Mechanical wood pulp or light-
colored waste paper pulp;The core layer mainly used for filling. Generally use mixed waste paper pulp or
straw pulp;The bottom layer usually use high-yield pulp or better Waste paper pulp as raw material,to
improve the appearance of the duplex board, increasing the strength.


In duplex board paper pulp production line,paper pulp production process:Pulping,Cleaning,Screening,
Refining,Mixing;In duplex board paper machine:Dewatering,Pressing,Drying,Coating,Re-drying,Winding.
The whole production line is equipped with advanced equipment, high degree of automation, sufficient
production capacity, and low energy consumption.


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