What is hydrapurge?

What is hydrapurge? The hydrapurge also called hydrapurger,mainly used in D type continuoud pulping
system in paper industry.Which work together with sediment well and drum screen.The purpose is to remove a lot of
light impurities in the paper pulp.

Hydrapurge working principle

Hydrapurger is behind sediment well,in pulper’s pulping process, the slurry, which contains lots
of light impurities, gathers to the sediment well and overflow into the hydrapurge. With the effect
of rotor, fine pulp enters next process from screen plate. Plenty of light impurities are conveyed to drum screen. In
drum screen, the light impurities can be totally separated from slurry, and are discharged out of the pulping system.


Hydrapurge advantages

1.Use this hydrapurger can remove a large amount of light impurities in waste paper pulp as early
as possible, avoid fines in the pulping, reduce the load of the equipment in the subsequent process, and improve the
production capacity of hydrapulper.

2.The hydrapurge has features with large production capacity,35-140t/d.and also high efficiency
in removing light impurities and easy installation.


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