What is dry damaged paper pulper

What is dry damaged paper pulper? The dry damaged paper pulper is a pulping
equipment in paper industry,mainly used to process the damaged paper generated at the position of paper machine
press section, drying section,calendering section,reeling section,etc.After pulping, it is used again in the subsequent
papermaking raw materials.

Dry damaged paper pulper main structure

The broken paper pulper is mainly composed of supporting pulp tank, rotor, screen plate,
transmission device, driving device and transmission cover.

1.Pulp tank

As the pulp tank matched with the paper broke pulper, the traditional concrete slurry tank
or the steel slurry tank can be used.


The paper broke pulper adopts optimized rotor shape, which can achieve higher turbulence
effect with the lowest power consumption;

How to choose dry damaged paper pulper?

1.The broken paper pulper must be able to accept all the products of the paper machine during
the paper break and lead, and it must also deal with cutting paper of the forming section and the drying section.
so the the design of the damaged paper pulper must meet the needs of the paper machine breaking
at the maximum production capacity.

2.We need to calculate the capacity according to the speed, width and gram weight of the paper machine, calculate
the appropriate pulp tank volume, and select the corresponding rotor diameter and number of rotor assemblies and
matching motor power.


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