Welcome to the China International Paper Technology Exhibition

So as to promote the roll-out of papermaking market in China and tiawan, better display development of scientific research and solutions achievements around papermaking sector, build contact platform as well as related market sectors for papermaking enterprises, on 2017, the particular Chinese papermaking association, typically the Chinese culture of papermaking, and China’s pulp and also paper study institute can host a few “2017 Tiongkok international papermaking technology exhibit and conference” in Shenzhen. The exposure will be presented on October 13-15, 2017 at the shenzhen convention along with exhibition facility. Last year’s exhibition fascinated more than thirty countries in addition to regions, over 200 papermaking equipment making, paper substances and papermaking related a fact enterprises people, leizhan, metso, voith, andreas and tools in the cardstock, such as ABB, Siemens, Finnish pavilion marketplace giants are generally at the exposition. In the similar period, often the international papermaking technology record will be abundant in content plus consistent with the development of The Instances, which is effectively received with the exhibitors plus the audience. Papermaking science and even technology scène has developed in a veritable manufacturer exhibition pertaining to paper-making machines. tHIS overseas exhibition involving papermaking technologies will carry “2017 The far east international documents industry advancement development BBS” and “2017 CIPTE world-wide papermaking technological innovation report”, in addition to some connected technological change and training seminars, enriching a few possibilities of the event activities. Some activities in the exhibition design can improve professionalism on the exhibition the exact audience, together with increase the variety of effective specialized audience. Concurrently, a conversation and connection platform just for paper companies and their upstream equipment, garbage, chemicals, auto control and also other suppliers are going to be established in promoting the development of China’s paper field.