Waste paper recycling paper making machine wastewater treatment

Waste paper recycling paper making machine generally uses waste cardboard,

carton,office paper,newspaper,etc. as the main raw materials for paper reproduction, used for

white board paper,cardboard paper,kraft paper,corrugated paper,a4 paper,toilet paper,etc.More

chemical materials will be added in the waste paper recycling paper making process, It plays the role of waste paper recycling, and also causes more

wastewater.what technology we can use for wastewater treatment?

Coagulation and precipitation technology of wastewater treatment

Coagulation and sedimentation technology is a wastewater treatment technology formed under the

action of a coagulant. It performs solid-liquid treatment of wastewater to coagulate suspended

matter or colloids formed in the waste papermaking process, making it a “floc “Block”, thereby

forming a “floc” degradation by sedimentation degradation equipment.

Pressurized air floatation technology of wastewater treatment

Air floatation technology is to pass air into the waste water formed by waste paper

recycling paper making machine, so that some tiny suspended particles and other polluting

substances in the waste water adhere to the bubbles, and the water and pollutants are obtained

by the bubbles forming bubbles Effective separation.

Nanotechnology of wastewater treatment

The wastewater treatment by nanotechnology is mainly carried out by means of ultrafine powder,

which can protect the water resources environment during the treatment of wastewater. This ultrafine

powder can form a good oxidizing ability and degrade under ultraviolet irradiation The waste water

thus forms inorganic substances such as carbon dioxide and water, which achieves better waste water



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