Waste paper pulp problem.

The beating process conditions and the addition of various chemical additives are a comprehensive indicator of the role of the Department.


Retaining the size of the network directly reflects the Department of the Ministry of fine fibers, fillers, rubber retention, but also indirectly reflect the beating, with pulp technology and a variety of chemical raw materials and chemical additives added amount is reasonable.


There is a difference between the first round of large-quantity paper and low-quantity paper. The specific performance of large-quantity paper on-line density, online thick paper filter layer thicker, higher, 80g paper, for example, some paper machines can reach an average of between 78 to 68%,


However, the concentration of low-volume paper on the Internet is relatively low, and the amount of paper on the online wet paper page filter layer is relatively small, and the first time is slightly lower.


The stability of the first-time remaining rate is directly related to the stability of the concentration of white water trays under the network.


Cause analysis and adjustment:

1) In addition to the surface enhancement of the starch in the pulp, it also helps and aids the filtration. The first time of the mesh department can be adjusted by increasing or decreasing the ton paper consumption of starch in the pulp;

2) The mechanism that PAM and diatomite act on the slurry is as follows: the slurry is mixed with PAM to form the flocculent material after pump and becomes the micro-flocculation structure group after the high-shearing force of the big garden sieve and then passes through the silicon The mixing and adsorption of the algal soil forms a super-condensed structure. The flocculation of the super-condensation structure in the process of forming on the net increases the gap and facilitates dehydration.


Therefore, rational use of PAM, diatomaceous earth, control the amount of tons of paper can better regulate the first time the Department of the network. However, it should be noted that the adjustment of PAM and diatomaceous earth is very sensitive to the drainage capacity of the net, and changing the amount of tons of paper too quickly will have a greater impact on the waterline of the net department.


Different raw materials, different paper machines, different products will have different results, according to the actual situation under the guidance of a certain theory, continue to find out the control of the first-pass retention rate of good experience and methods.