waste paper bale opener machine shipping to Russia

The waste paper bale opener machine just shipping to Russia.It mainly used for breaking and
selecting waste paper before drum pulper in Russia customer 200 tpd packaging paper project.


In order to save costs and reduce difficulty during waste paper recycling and storage and transportation,
the waste paper is usually compressed and bundled. Therefore, when use waste paper as raw material to produce new
paper, the packaged waste paper needs to be broken up. Pick out the big plastics, hard debris, etc., and then enter
the subsequent processing steps.


For large-scale waste paper recycling and paper production line, like our Russia customer 200tpd packaging paper
project,the waste paper bale opener machine can solve the problem of waste paper picking that cannot be reached by
manpower.In the process of loosening waste paper bags and screening out small impurities, the waste paper
bale opener machine
discharges the loose waste paper from the discharge port and evenly distributes it on
the picking conveyor belt, making large waste debris (such as iron Pieces, rags, waxed paper, wood blocks, etc.) are
exposed, workers can efficiently pick on both sides of the conveyor belt, effectively improving the quality of
waste paper.It can reduce the energy consumption of drum pulper or improve the processing capacity of the drum pulper.


Wish these equipment can bring benefits for our customer soon.


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