Waste Paper Bale Breaker Dry Screening Syestem to Pakistan

Leizhan waste paper bale breaker dry screening system delivery to Pakistan recently.In Pakistan,.This time,Pakistan customer bought Bale breaker,Chain conveyor,Picking belt conveyor,Material distribution device from Leizhan.

What can the bale breaker dry screening system do?

The “Bale breaker Dry Screening System” is a complete system that disperses the densely packed waste paper bundles into sheets, which facilitates the selection and classification of waste paper, and at the same time effectively removes light and heavy impurities by dry method.

What can the bale breaker dry screening system bring?

1.Replace trucks and forklifts, reduce picking personnel.

2.Dry and efficient removal of light and heavy impurities.

3.Dust removal device improves the working environment of workers.

4.Reduce the load and energy consumption of subsequent screening.

5.Reduce the wear and tear of subsequent pulping equipment.

6.Reduction of forklift usage.

7.Energy saving (for example: lightweight cleaner, heat dispersion).

8.Designed with a prepreg device to improve the disintegration efficiency
of the pulper.

9.Improve the effective use of waste paper and its impurities.

10. Improve the cleanliness of the paper.


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