Waste newspaper deinking line for white paper making

If use deinked pulp recyeled from waste newspapers can reduce the amount of wirgin wood pulp used in paper mill, to
reduce product energy consumption and save wood resources, and improve economic returns.The waste newspaper
deinking line can used for white paper making
,like toilet tissue paper making,a4 paper making,white duplex board
liner papear making,etc.

Waste newspaper deinking line for white paper making flow chart

Production capacity:100t/d

Flow chart:Waste newspaper→Chain Conveyor→Drum Pulper→High Density Cleaner→Mid Consistency Coarse Pressure Screen→
Reject Separator→Low Density Cleaner→Mid Consistency Fine Screening Machine→Flotation Deinking Cell→Low
Density Cleaner→High-speed Washer→Screw Press Washer→Heater→Disc Disperser→Double Disc Refiner→Inflow Pressure Screen.


The concept of waste paper recycling is becoming more and more popular, but if the deinking treatment is not thorough,
only some paper products can be produced, and the application range is small. Therefore, in the waste newspaper
deinking line for white paper making
, it is necessary to design proposal according to the situation of waste
newspapers, select the number of flotation deinking cell, and whether it needs thickener, bleaching,
heat dispersion treatment, etc.


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