Waste carton recycling machine for paper plant

The carton is a common packaging item in life. which becomes waste carton after a period of use. Because the
waste carton has low investment cost and high fiber content, so it is often recycled as raw
materials for the production of paper,egg trays,etc.


For paper plant,waste carton recycling treatment including pulping, removing impurities,
bleaching, etc.According to the waste carton quality and the finished paper quality requirements,Our engineer
will design complete carton recycling machine proposal for your paper plant.


This is a 70t/dwaste paper recycling machine design proposal.

1.Raw material:Waste caeton(Mixed high quality OCC);

2.Production capacity:70t/d;

3.Pulping system: D type hydrapulper;

4.Cleaning system:ZSC series high density cleaner,and inclined screen;

5.Coarse screening system:ZNS series 1st stage coarse pressure screen,FQJ series light impurity separator,and PZ
series reject sorter;

6.Low density cleaning system:1st stage low density cleaner,2nd stage low density cleaner,and 3rd stage low density

7.Fine screening system: ZNS series fine pressure screen,and inclined screen;

8.Pulp approach system:ZDP series double disc refiner,and Inclined screen.


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