Vertical hydrapulper for egg tray cup tray making

Egg tray cup tray are often made from waste recycled paper,and pressed by egg try cup tray forming machines.The whole
egg tray production line includes pulping system, forming system, and drying system,vertical hydrapulper is one important part in pulping system for egg tray cup try making.

Vertical hydrapulper for egg tray cup tray making main specification

Type ZDS23 ZDS24 ZDS25 ZDS26 ZDS27 ZDS28
Volume(m3) 5 10 15 20 25 30
OCC Φ10-Φ16 35-50 60-80 80-100 100-130 130-150 150-170
AOCC Φ6-Φ10 15-25 30-40 45-60 60-75 85-95 95-100
AOCC Φ10-Φ16 25-35 40-50 60-75 75-90 95-110 110-130
Chemical wood pulp:Intermittent 13-18 25-30 40-50 50-60 65-85 80-100
Motor Power(kw) 55 110 160 185 220 250

Vertical hydrapulper for egg tray cup tray making features

1.The vertical hydrapulper has the characteristics of strong disintegration ability, simple structure, convenient operation
and maintenance, etc. It is the ideal equipment for egg tray cup tray making.

2.Adopt energy-saving VOKES rotor,strengthens hydraulic cirulation and fiber relief.

3.Vertical hydrapulper continuously pulping,low energy consumption.

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