Turnkey paper pulping equipment delivery to Kazakhstan

Turkney paper pulping equipment delivery to Kazakhstan this week,the complete paper pulp stock
preparation line designed for 50t/d carton paper making project.Wish these equipment will bring benefits to customers
as soon as possible.


Our Kazakhstan customer turnkey paper pulping equipment including:Chain conveyor,high consistency
hydropulper, D type hydropulper,coarse pressure screen,fine pressure screen,inflow pressure screen,high density cleaner
,low density cleaner,reject separator,fiber separator,vibration screen in paper mill,ZDP double disc refiner,waste paper
pulp washer,paper pulp mixer and paper pulp pump,and some spare parts for turnkey stock preparation line.


We are a professional manufacturer of pulp and paper making equipment,more than 40 year’s development,we supply corugated
paper making machine,kraft paper making machine,a4 write paper making machine,toilet tissue paper making machine,egg tray
making machine,etc. If you have any demands about these paper making machine,feel free to contact me.