Turnkey paper pulp and flute paper production line

Flute paper is one of the important components of corrugated cardboard production. Flute paper
requires good fiber bonding strength, smooth paper surface, good tightness and stiffness, and a certain degree of
elasticity to ensure the finished carton has shock resistance and pressure resistance.In recent years, due to the
importance of environmental protection, the use of OCC as raw material has become increasingly common. The
consumption of corrugated paper in Western Europe is as high as 75%, and that of waste paper in Asia is 71%.So how
to build the turnkey paper pulp and flute paper production line from waste paper?

Flute paper pulp production line

The paper pulp production line is one important part in urnkey paper pulp and flute paper production
,here is 100t/d flute paper pulp production line details:

1.Raw material: high quality OCC

2.Flow chart:D type hydrapulper–high density cleaner–inclined screen–coarse pressure screen–light impurity
separator–reject separator–low density clenaer–fine pressure screen–inclined screen–double disc refiner–
inclined screen–inflow pressure screen–paper making machine

Flute paper making machine

1.Production capacity:100t/d

2.Trimmed width:2500mm

3.Basis weight:80-200g/m2

4.Working speed300m/min

5.Design speed:350m/min


7.Drive method:AC frequency,sectional drive


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