To understand the external factors of the rising price of wa

It’s been a month since 2017, but the paper market this year has made it memorable for all practitioners. Since 2017, the purchase price of waste paper has been continuously rising. In the meantime, ups and downs and painful “waste paper looting” have also been mixed in so that some people earn pours. Some people laugh at themselves “before returning to liberation overnight”

Waste paper as an important raw material for the production of finished paper, due to the current recovery system is not perfect in our country, coupled with rich foreign classification experience, and it also contains more wood fiber, more to ensure the quality of recycled paper, therefore, in our country Even though the government has set a considerable threshold on the import side, its volume has dropped a lot compared with the past, but the large paper mills still need to rely on imports.

And import trade, commodity prices must be related to the exchange rate and import and export of national policies.

One of the reasons for the rising price of waste paper, mainly supply side contraction, affected by the exchange rate.

Since the first quarter of 2017, the U.S. dollar index has been declining. The relative devaluation of the U.S. dollar will also bring about a rise in the price of imported U.S. dollar-denominated waste paper.

In addition to the impact of the exchange rate, there are also the reasons why China currently plans to ban the import of unclassified waste paper and strengthen the supply of environmental protection control, which has caused most paper-making enterprises to transfer costs through price increases.

The series of “No Order of the Sea” issued in 2017 has been upgraded from import restriction to import prohibition.

Prohibition of waste imports are mainly used for the production of gray white paperboard, in addition, cardboard / corrugated paper mills are also part of the use of mixed waste as a supplement. The introduction of the policy prompted domestic factories had to increase the recovery of national waste, driven by cost, domestic mixed waste and other waste paper prices upward.

The highest price of waste paper in 2017 has exceeded 3,000 yuan / ton, while the previous year only 1400-1500 yuan / ton, doubled.


For example, in September 17, the price of waste paper was about 2960 yuan / ton, and the price in the same period of 16 years was only 1240 yuan / ton, up by 139%.


We all experienced a cliff-like decline in scrap prices after 2017. This means that the rising idealism does not exist. In addition to the above-mentioned objective factors of uncertainty, mainly Mainly affected by the market supply and demand.


By this article hope everyone in the new year can be aware of the price movements, but also allow themselves to carry out basic predictions and preparedness, to guard against unnecessary losses and even to seize the opportunity in 2018!