The output of high-strength corrugated paper project

The modem manufacture of paper evolved from
an ancient art first developed in China, ca. 105 A.D.
Although the modem product differs considerably
from its ancestral materials, papermaking retains
distinct similarities to the processes developed by
Ts’ai Lun in the Imperial Chinese Court. ’ In
principle, paper is made by: 1) pulping, to separate
and clean the fibers; 2) beating and refining the
fibers; 3) diluting. to form a thin fiber slurry,
suspended in solution; 4) forming a web of fibers on
a thin screen; 5) pressing the web to increase the
density of the material; 6) drying to remove the
remaining moisture; and 7) finishing, to provide a
suitable surface for the intended end use.

ZG Series Drum Pulper is mainly used for mild crushing and coarse screening of various waste paper raw materials under high concentration conditions. The ZG Series Drum Pulper can continuously break down and preliminary screening to simplify the process and improve the efficiency. ZG Series Drum Pulper’s disintegration concentration of 14% -18%, to maximize the physical properties of the fiber, and prevent the loss of fiber. The ZG Series Drum Pulper has a high rate of slag removal and a low rate of impurity destruction, which reduces the burden on subsequent slagging and reduces subsequent machine wear. The ZG Series Drum Pulper tons of paper Power consumption Low production, reduce operating costs and improve competitiveness, waste paper broken a long time, full fiber defibrillation, reduce the loss of fiber. ZG Series Drum Pulper basically no wearing parts, easy to post-maintenance, reduce maintenance costs