Tetra Pak recycling,Milk Cartons recycling

Tetra Pak is a high-humidity packaging carton made of paper, aluminum foil and polyethylene plastic.It can be used
for packaging liquid food such as milk, juice, soy milk, coffee, wine, etc.Do you know Tetra Pak recycling,milk
carton recycling


The Tetra Pak packaging generally has 6 layers, which can effectively block all the factors that affect the deterioration
of milk and beverages. The contents of cardboard, polyethylene plastic and aluminum foil are 75%, 20% and 5% respectively.
and the 75% cardboard is rich in long-fiber high quality pulp,so sfter Tetra Pak is recycled, this high-quality pulp can be
remade into paper.


In paper industry,the Tetra Pak milk cartons recycling process,it mainly use hydrapulper,the fibers are separated by
the shear force of water and the friction between the fibers,then the paper pulp into the cleaning system,screening system,
etc,finally into the paper making machine.


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