Small capcity 50t/d fluting and testliner paper machine

The overall investment of the small capacity paper machine is relatively low, which is more suitable
for people who have just entered the paper industry.The small capacity 50t/d fluting and testliner paper machine mainly used for fluting and testliner paper making,which can be used for cardboardmaking.

Fluting and testliner paper machine main specification

1.Finished products:fluting paper,testliner paper;

2.Basis weight:80-200g/m2;

3.Trimmed width:2800mm


5.Working speed:130m/min;

6.Design speed:180m/min;

7.Production capacity:50t/d;

8.Raw material:waste recycled paper;

9.Drive method:AC frequency,sectional drive.


The small capcity 50t/d fluting and testliner paper machine are designed using cylinder paper machine,
The structure is simple and the cost is lower than fourdrinier paper machine,it is especially suitable for small paper mills.


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