Small 50tpd Kraft Paper Jumbo Roll Making Machine

High quality kraft paper is widely used in film packaging,handjeld bags,envelopes,archive bags,etc.This 50tpd
kraft paper jumbo roll making machine
use wood pulp as raw material,finished kraft paper has a lighter color,
better smoothness and strength,can adapt to the packaging and printing requirements of packaging materials.

Kraft paper jumbo roll making machine main specification

Production capacity:50tpd

Trimmed width:2400mm

Working speed:100m/min

Design speed:150m/min

Finished paper type:Kraft paper

Basis weight:100-200gsm



This small kraft paper roll making machine daily output is 50 ton,and use wood pulp as raw material,the whole kraft paper
manufacturing process
is simple, Wood pulp—Slag removing—Pulp beating—Forming on the paper machine—Pressing
sizing—Drying—Winding—Calendering—Finished Kraft paper jumbo roll.


Coating on the surface of the kraft paper jumbo roll, the coating is a mixture of methyl orthosilicate
trimethylchlorosilane, methanol, and agar with a mass ratio of 4:2:1:0.2, wherein the base paper and the coating are
indispensable The dry mass ratio is 75:20. The coated kraft paper has high fiber strength, and has better breaking
strength, waterproof performance, printing performance, and can be widely used in various packaging industries.


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