Single Side Grey Board Paper Production Solutions

Grey board paper is an environmentally friendly packaging material, Its manufacturing process mainly uses waste
paper pulp as raw materials, which can not only reduce production costs and reduce consumption of the ecological
environment.Here is single grey board paper production solution.

One grey board paper production case information

Raw material:Waste paper

Finished products:High strength single side grey board paper

Basis weight:300-650gsm

Trimmed width:5600mm

Design speed:450m/min

Production capacity:300,000 tons/Year


The waste paper pulp making solutions including waste paper pulping,cleaning,screening,refining,dilution,and
mixing,the finished fine pulp will be stock in paper pulp tank.


This grey board paper making machine is multi cylinder fourdrinier paper making machine,the waste paper pulp
is fed into the paper machine,then after dehydration,pressing,drying,the dried paper is grey board paper.


Leizhan Machinery has been committed to papermaking equipment for 40 years,
has mature and reliable and advanced technology,we provides turnkey grey board paper production line design
and installation,welcome contact us any time.