SBJ Series Bales Breaker


1. The hole of drum can remove smaller impurities in the waste paper under dry condition.

2. To removal impurities can reduce wear to the following equipment, such as: pulper, cleaner, pulp pump, pipe, pressure screen, pulp refiner. So that the equipment can be protected.


1.Break bales function:
Compact packaging waste paper bales is conveyed from chain conveyor to feed bins, then to Dry screening System for Bale Breaking. Under the reliable mechanical structure of professional design, the waste paper bales can be broken into sheets in short time.

2.Screen and remove impurity function:
The small light and heavy impurity which is mixed up in waste paper would be screened from professional design screener.

3.selection and classification function:
Large impurity, heavy impurity, inferior waste paper, and high-grade paper which are spread out in sheets are distributed on the chosen chain plate. Exposed large light and heavy impurity, some waste paper adverse to pulp making, and some high-grade paper are sorted out to use more effective.