Safety matters that need special attention in paper machine

With the continuous development of science and technology, the safety factor of the equipment used in the paper
industry is constantly improving, and the safety factor of the working environment is also more and more guaranteed,
but there are still certain risks in the operation process.what’s the safety matters that need special
attention in paper machine operation

1 Startup is a safety matter that requires special attention

When the paper making machine is started, it is necessary to abide by the strict operating specifications. The
machine must be inspected in detail to ensure that the machine does not have any problems. At the same time, the
surroundings should be contacted through the loudspeaker to ensure that no one around the machine is performing
maintenance or operation. Make sure that there are no other obstacles. Only after the inspection is completed, the
person who is responsible for starting the machine can start the operation.

2 Safety matters needing special attention in the transmission part of the machine

According to the formal operation regulations of the paper industry, the company needs to place a sturdy and
easy-to-break warning sign at the position of traditional machinery parts and other more dangerous operation links,
and mark the issues that need special attention on it. Place protective nets, protective plates, etc. through these
protective measures to effectively reduce metal splashes during operation, and also avoid.

3.Safety matters needing special attention in the process of lifting machinery operators

Check whether the brake of the crane can be used normally and whether the crane can be controlled in time. And
when using a jack to lift a heavier item or a more dangerous item, be sure to perform strict inspection operations;
When using a crane to lift items, be sure to carefully check whether there are people or important items under the
route of the crane. Try to avoid crossing over the head. If you must cross the obstacle, you need to strictly
control the items under the hook. Height to ensure that no obstacles are encountered.


Paper-making enterprises must formulate detailed fault systems according to the characteristics of each link, and
employees must strictly abide by the rules and regulations in their work to reduce accidents.We are a professional
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