Problems and Solutions of Broken Paper Recycling

In the process of paper production, broken paper recycling can help paper companies reduce costs. What problems will be encountered in broken paper recycling and how to solve them?

1.The wire pit overflows to the couch pit

Needs to adjust the overflow of the wire pit , to avoid too much dilution water entering the broken paper system.

2.Insufficient capacity of the couch pit to process wet broken paper:

Needs to modify the dispersing equipment, to withstand the dispersing capability at full web broken paper.

3.Broken paper floats in the broken paper pulper

(1)Adjust the position of the spray pipe;

(2)Check the cycle;

(3)Ensure sufficient stirring force to pull the broken paper to the rotor area.

4.Liquid level changes in broken paper pulper:

Check if the level sensor is clogged with broken paper.


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