pressure screen for pulp and paper machine

It is mainly used for coarse screening and fine screening of various waste pulps. Slurry can be normally screened at higher concentrations (2.5-4%), which can effectively reduce the water circulation volume and system energy consumption in the production process, and has a heavy slag discharge pipe. To ensure the safe operation of the septum, the rotor is multi-blade, non-winding, high efficiency and energy saving type spiral rotor, advanced structure, sturdiness and durability, convenient disassembly and assembly, low energy consumption, less fiber loss, and the pressure screen has simple operation and continuous Less work failures, lower maintenance costs, and equipped with automatic oil filling device and automatic detection and alarm device for sealing water flow to ensure equipment operation safety.

The closed water flow pressure alarm of the medium-thickness sieve is connected with the chain control cabinet. The control cabinet receives the pressure and flow signal of the sealing water. When it does not meet the set parameters, (if the flow is not enough, the pressure is less than), the control cabinet gives the pressure screen. The slurry pump motor of the motor and the pressure screen sends a signal to stop the supply of the slurry pump motor, and the pressure screen motor is stopped after 20 to 30 seconds. In this way, the operator can find the problem of the pressure screen process in a timely manner and dispatch maintenance personnel to adjust and repair the sealing water system of the pressure screen so that it can meet the parameter requirements for the normal operation of the pressure screen and start the pressure screen production again. Without this interlocking protection system, the operating pressure screen may still be operating in the absence of sealing water. This will lead to rapid damage to the mechanical seal, the slurry and water in the pressure screen leak out, resulting in the loss of slurry and mess on the scene, and even will flow to the bearing part to cause damage to the bearings of the pressure screen, seriously affecting and delaying production , causing great losses to the company.