Paper Pulp Stock Treatment Before Papermaking

1.Paper pulp dilution

Generally, the paper pulp concentration in the pulp tank is 2.5~3.5%. Such a high concentration can neither disperse
the fibers evenly nor remove impurities from it. Therefore, it needs to be diluted with water to make the paper pulp
formed good dispersion in a low-concentration state,and also conducive to cleaning and screening.

Screening and Cleaning of paper pulp

Cleaning:to remove the impurities with high proportion in the paper material, such as metal, cinder, sand, etc.

Screening:to remove the small and bulky impurities in the paper material, such as pulp mass, fiber bundles, grass
clippings, etc.

3.Degassing of paper pulp

Paper pulp is not simply a suspension system formed by solid substances such as fibers and fillers suspended in
water, and the paper stock also contains air. Because the air in the paper stock is harmful to the operation of the paper
machine and the quality of the paper, it is From the perspective of production and quality management, the paper
material needs to be degassed.

The method of degassing: one is to eliminate the air that has been mixed into the paper material, generally using
physical or chemical methods, the other is to prevent and avoid air mixing into the paper material,Degas with
degassing equipment.


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