Paper pulp ragger and cutter for paper mill

In pulp and paper industry,most paper mill use waste paper raw material to produce new paper,The impurities
in the waste paper include fibers (straw rope for packing, hemp rope, cotton fabric, etc.),metal objects (iron
nails, wire, staples, carton interface binding staples, etc.),they will Increase processing difficulty, causing
equipment wear and damage.So this paper pulp ragger and cutter for paper mill doing the job
to removing various kinds of twisting impurities and cut the rag rope into smaller sections.then more convenient
to handle them.

Paper pulp ragger for paper mill

1.Model type:ZTS1


3.Motor power:4kw

4.Feature:This paper pulp ragger machine is controlled by air cylinder,which can make sure the
rope is pulped out with constant speed.

Paper pulp rope cutter for paper mill

1.Model type: QSJ1

2.Hydraulic cylinder force:50T

3.Cutter route:850mm

4.Feature:Long moving route if cutter can avide rope getting stuck.


Paper pulp ragger and cutter for paper mill,the two machineare used together to removing
impurities efficiently,help the paper mill work well.We re a professional manufacturer of pulp and paper making
equipment,more than 40 year’s development,supply full paper production line and spare parts.

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