Paper pulp making coarse screening equipment delivery site

With the improvement of the paper mill’s production capacity, Leizhan regular customers have
added a batch of paper pulp making equipment for cardboard paper corrugated paper production line,
signed a contract with Leizhan again.Recenetly,we delivery these equipment to them.

Paper pulp making equipment delivery list

The paper pulp making equipment shipped includes:D type hydra pulper,coarse screenin
,high density cleaner,inflow pressure screen,grapple,vibration screen and spare parts in paper


The preparation of pulp is the premise of papermaking. The quality of pulp has a great influence on the quality
of finished paper. Therefore, the removal of impurities during pulping is very important. Good coarse
screening equipment
can improve the effect of removing slag, and then get better screening effect in the
fine screening system and obtain higher quality finished paper pulp.Our leizhan paper pulp making coarse
screening equipment
has light impurity separator,coarse middle consistency pressure screen,reject separator,
which are best in China.


We are a professional manufacturer of pulp and paper making equipment,more than 40 year’s development,,We supply
paper making machine,paper pulp making equipment,and other spare parts.Welcome contact me anytime.