Paper pulp chest agitator for a4 paper making machine

Paper pulp chest agitator,also called paper pulp tank mixer,
it mainly used for mixing paper pulp in a4 paper making machine chest,to maintain
the paper pulp liquid in suspending condition.

How to install the paper pulp agitator/mixer in a4 paper making machine

1.Make sure all the paper pulp chest agitator parts are complete.Clean anti-corrosion
grease on components.

2.Main bearing of paper pulp mixer can not be hoisted, or it may bend.

3.Determine central line according to foundation drawing, correct position and size, standard height
is designed as per craft request.

4.Install the foundation ring first, adjust it to meet the technical requirements and grout with cement,
and fix it in the reserved hole of the pulp tank shell. After a certain maintenance period (usually 15 days)
and the calibration is correct, the paper pulp agitator equipment can be installed.

5.Adjust and install motor pulley and motor,make sure that two pulleys are parallel and straight.Install
triangular belt and adjust tension, and finally install the paper pulp mixer protective cover.


During the working process, the spiral angle of the paper pulp mixer blade can be adjusted
as required to make it have better stirring effect in a4 paper making machine.


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