Paper Product Making Machinery from Waste Paper

Waste paper can be used to make paper, and the process is generally divided into two steps: first, waste paper raw materials are made into pulp, and then the pulp is made into paper, cardboard and paper products.Our company provide paper product making machinery from waste paper.


Waste paper pulp stock preparation:the raw material waste paper is transported to the hydraulic pulper through the chain conveyor for pulping;The good pulp by the hydraulic pulper is de-sanded by the high density desander, and then passed through coarse and fine pressure screen.The good pulp is classified into long fiber and short fiber;The classified long and short fibers are respectively passed through low density cleaner to remove small impurities and used as raw materials for papermaking products.



Paper product making machinery:As raw material, waste paper pulp can be used to produce various paper products, such as corrugated base paper, kraft paper, cardboard paper,gray board paper, duplex white board paper, egg trays, paper cup trays, etc.


We provide turnkey paper product making machinery production line from waste paper,including factory design,installation,commission and training.


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