Paper plant disc thickener for paper pulp

The Paper plant disc thickener for paper pulp,suitable for thickening and washing low consistency
pulp in the waste paper treatment system of pulp and paper industry.Disc thickener is composed of multiple
discs to filter surface, greatly increase the working area, improve processing capacity, reduce floor space, and can meet
the needs of large-scale production in the paper industry.

Paper pulp disc thickener working principle

The fan disk device is on the transmission main shaft. With the rotation of the main shaft, the slurry is brought to
the filter screen of the fan disk. Through the internal and external pressure difference and gravity, white water passes
through the filter screen and enters the fan disk, and flows into the hollow main shaft through the water channel. The
outlet is discharged, and the slurry is adsorbed on the fan disk. The concentrated slurry is peeled off by high-pressure
water and rotates continuously. The slurry concentration in the tank will increase due to the continuous discharge of
white water, and the slurry liquid level is higher than the adjustment shutter Time overflow to discharge into the slurry
tank, so as to achieve the concentration and washing of low concentration slurry.

Paper plant disc thickener for paper pulp main features

1. Stainless steel structure, corrosion resistance;

2. Small footprint, multi-disc installation, large filtration area and high production efficiency;

3. The speed of the disk fan is adjustable and has strong adaptability;

4. The concentration of white water is low, easy to recycling, and reduce the amount of wastewater treatment.


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