Paper mill pressure screen basket

Most of the screening equipment used in the paper processing process in today’s pulping and
papermaking production lines are pressure screen.Pressure screen is the key equipment in
papermaking production,and the paper mill pressure screen basket is the heart
of the pressure screen.The precision of screen slot/hole of paper mill pressure screen
determines the quality of good pulp.


A good paper mill pressure screen basket can reduce pressure screen maintenance
cost and also improve work efficiency.Our company pressure screen basket suitable
for various pressure screens in the pulping system.stainless stell material,hole and slot pressure
screen basket options.

Paper mill pressure screen basket specification

1.Materials: SS201, 304, 316, 316L;

2.Structure: perforation/hole or slot/wedge wire;

3.Hardness: chrome-plated 200-250 micron, electrical polished;


Standard perforation diameter: more than φ1.2mm

Standard slot diameter: more than 0.1mm

Plate thickness:6mm-12mm

5.Advanced technology, high machining accuracy, long service life;

6.Bar coating guarantee more than 0.20 mm


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