Paper mill absorbent kraft paper making machine

Absorbent kraft paper is commonly used in laboratory containers for steam sterilization,also can be used as

filter media and laboratory filter paper.The absorbent kraft paper has the features with High

strength, strong ability to absorb water, less to use paper mill absorbent kraft paper

making machine to produce absorbent kraft paper?

1. Raw material:

Paper mill absorbent kraft paper making machine raw material use bleached

softwood pulp and bleached hardwood pulp.

2.Technical requires:

bleached softwood pulp:750~850 parts

bleached hardwood pulp:180~220 parts

Wet strength agent:18~22 parts

Brightening agent:1~1.4 part

DispersantA agent: 0.02~0.04 part

3.Absorbent kraft paper making flow chart

Use mc hydrapulper pulping softwood pulp and hardwood pulp,then use high density cleaner remove the impurity in

the pulp.

Use double disc refiner to improve the beating degree of mixed softwood pulp and hardwood pulp to 16.5~17.5 °

of SR,and weight in wet base 13~15 grams, beating consistency is not less than 3.5%.

Putting into wet strength agent, brightening agent, dispersant homogenate by above-mentioned parts by weight,

slurry concentration is not less than 2.5%

The finished pulp into the approach flow system,then into the paper making machine.

In paper mkaing machine,the paper pulp into the forming section, pressing section, drying section,reeling

section,obtain water absorbent kraft paper


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