Paper making type D hydrapulper machine operation and maintenance

Type D hydrapulper machine is a widely used mechanical equipments in paper
and pulp production,it can be used to pulping all kinds of pulp boards, damaged paper and various
waste paper.Our paper making type D hydrapulper machine normal volume is 10-60m3,
corresponding production capacity is 60-550t/d.What should we do in paper making type d
hydrapulper machine operation and maintenance?

Type D hydrapulper machine operation and maintenance

1.In formal paper production, we should advance into the tub with 1/3-1/2 volume of water,after
starting,the water in the tank will quickly form a vortex, open the valve that controls the clean
water under the rotor, and gradually feed the raw materials evenly,prevent excessive or excessive

2.When there is a power failure or other special circumstances resulting in more pulp in the
paper making type d hydrapulper machinetank, should first open the bottom of the
slurry plate flushing water, and then drain the slurry in the tank

3.According to different raw material types, regularly remove impurities that are not suitable
for disintegration.After each shift, the remaining slurry should be removed

4.Lubricate the bearing of the hydrapulper machine regularly, it is recommended
that it should be completely replaced once a year.

5.Replace the copper sleeve and sieve plate regularly


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