Paper making machine polyester forming fabric

Forming fabric is one of important spare parts for paper making machine,it mainly
used for paper sheet forming and dewatering on paper making machine,It dewaters paper pulp from the
headbox and runs the paper sheet to the wire section,so also named paper making machine Polyester
forming wire fabric

Suggestions for paper making machine Polyester forming fabric selection

The selection of polyester forming fabrics is a very professional work, and it is
necessary to comprehensively consider the paper making machine type / finished paper type / paper quality
requirements / operating speed / raw material structure and ratio / beating degree and paper pulp
concentration to select the forming fabrics structure and technical parameters.

The ideal polyester forming fabric needs to consider the following points:

1.To use forming fabrics with wear resistance and low mesh consumption.

2.To use forming wire fabrics with high fatigue resistance, acid and alkali resistance.

3.Light mesh marks and good molding quality,Light weight, convenient transportation.

4.Running stability,easy to keep clean.


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