Paper Making Machine Oblique Sizing Machine

The purpose of surface sizing is usually to prevent liquid penetration, obtain better surface properties and improve the physical properties of the paper (such as surface strength and internal bonding). Leizhan paper machinery supply paper making machine surface oblique sizing machine.


The paper making machine double-roll oblique sizing machine, both rollers are driven, the sizing machine is mainly composed of the frame, the upper and lower sizing rollers, the glue supply
device, the glue block device, the scraper, and the pressure system.The sizing machine usually installed in the middle of the front and rear drying sections.

Oblique sizing machine main specification

Design line pressure: 80KN/m

Maximum line pressure: 40-60KN/m

Medium and high design line pressure: 40KN/m

Pressure method: pneumatic pressure

Paper threading method: paper threading rope

Sizing amount: 4~6g/m2


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