Paper making machine air cushion Headbox design

Headbox is the key part of modern paper machine. Its structure and performance play a decisive
role in the formation of paper and the quality of paper.The paper making machine air cushion headbox can disperse the fiber effectively, prevent the fiber from precipitation and flocculation, and can improve the
strength of the paper sheet.


The paper making machine air cushion headbox design with arc structure, square cone tube feeding,
step diffusion, oblique feeding, closed box, double homogenizing stick, front overflow, vertical Lip plate, dial
indicator fine adjustment mechanism, lip plate adjustment mechanism, spray tube, air cushion pressure automatic
adjustment, etc.

1.The headbox body designed with sealed attenuation chamber,overflow holes on left and right sides,oblique feed is
used to reduce the slurry retention in the box.

2.Square cone tube can be turned over for quick flushing.

3.Equipped with frequency converter to change the speed of homogenizing roller

4.The paper making machine air cushion headbox equipped with upper lip adjustment device, a local
fine adjustment device, and an anti-deformation frame.

5.All the headbox parts and components in contact with the pulp and the rotating parts that need to be adjusted are
made of stainless steel (304)

6.Equipped with headbox automatic control system,the headbox automatic control system effectively controls the
total pressure and the level of the headbox to ensure the stability and reliability of the system.


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