Paper making cleaning equipment high consistency sand remove

In paper making,due to the complexity of the raw matreial,there are many impurities,slag,sand,etc in paper
pulp,so in order to improve finished paper pulp quality,the sand removal equipment must be used to remove sand
and slag.That’s our paper making cleaning equipment high consistency sand remover.

High consistency sand remover structure

The high concentration sand remover is composed of inlet and outlet slurry pipe, upper cone,
lower cone, back wash waterway, slag tank,etc. Automatic slag discharge is also equipped with pneumatic valve and
PLC control cabinet.

High consistency sand remover features

1.Our high consistency sand remover is different from normal sand remover, It can work in the
process of high concentration pulp transportation, and does not affect the effect of de-slagging process, the pulp
goes through the Cleaner once,the accepts is washed by the back wash water the fiber loss is almost zero.

2.The paper making cleaning equipment high consistency sand remover covers a small area,
large production capacity, is easy to operate, and does not block the slag discharge port.


3.The inner tank is made of stainless steel or ceramic, the cone is wear-resistant and pressure-resistant, long
service life.


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