Paper Machine Wet Part Production Experience Share

Paper Machine Wet Part Production Experience Share

1.Control anionic waste. The source of hazardous dissolved substances is within the paper machine or flow system:
-Clear water- (humic acid, fungicide, surfactant)
– Slurry – (residual lignin compounds, hemicellulose, fatty and rosin acids, latex, starch and fungicides)
– Filler – (dispersant, fungicide)
– Excipients – (starch, CMC, organic acids, dyes, biocides, dispersants, wet and dry strength agents, retention aids, etc.)


2.Pulp Screening/Cleaning System
– Holes or defects created by pulp lumps or sediments in the screen baskets can lead to broken ends;
– Ensure that pulp residue is not returned to the main paper stream;
– Rough castings or protruding gaskets at the screen basket outlet can lead to scrap;
– sieve overloading is never acceptable;
– Check the top and cone of the cleaner;


3.Wet part chemical system;
– check for sludge deposits and starch spots;
– Check for undissolved retention aids, defoamers, etc.;
– Ensure that the auxiliary materials are completely filtered before entering the slurry system;


4.11. Contaminants from resin, slurries, etc.;
– ensuring that the pulping and pumping systems are properly equipped;
– Check that the pipe size and velocity are correct;
– Avoid the use of long horizontal pipes that tend to collect fine fibers and fillers;
– Eliminate any “dead spots” in the pumping piping system;
– Avoid excessive air entrainment in the system;
– As a potential source of deposits or agglomeration, check the condition and degree of cleaning of the paper threading ropes;
– maintain a uniform temperature and pH;


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