paper machine headbox / Head box


Headbox is the important role in paper machine,the paper machine headbox function is supplying uniform and steady pulp flow to paper machine wire part.High precision headbox can obtain stable paper performance, such as quantitative banner, fiber main direction and uniform forming.

Our company design and produce high quality head box according to the informaiton of our customers paper making machine, calculate and design with the help of computer.our paper machine head box can obtain the best using effect, with good formation of paper web, small cross basic weight difference.

Headbox main equipment

1.Holy roll: 2 stainless steel holy roll with the diameter of 200mm.

2. Square taper pipe is made of stainless steel .

3. Cloth paste is organic glass cloth paste ladder.

4. The paper machine headbox is welded steel, lined with mirror stainless steel plate or can also be made of full stainless steel.There is a gate in the box. (the difference between the air-cushioned headbox)

5. Adjusting device : With a total transfer mechanism and the trim mechanism of upper plate.

6.Spray device : The head box body is provided with a spray device.

Technical Parameters

1 Trimmed width  (mm) 3200 3600 3800
2 Width of jet  (mm) 3350 3800 4050
3 Work speed  (m/min) 200-300 200-300 200-300
4 Diameter of holy roll (mm) Ø220 Ø220 Ø220
5 Cloth paste way Square taper pipe into the slurry,cloth pulp by the  organic glass holey plate
6 Arrangement Left or right hand machine
7 Outline size (L*W*H  M) 2.6*4.4*1.6 2.6*4.4*1.6 2.6*5*1.6


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