Paper industry paper pulp pump for paper plant

In the production process of papermaking enterprises, the transportation of pulp is an important step,this step must be
completed by pulp pump.The paper industry paper pulp pump must have the characteristics
of smooth pulping, balanced operation, and no jamming and blocking,so as to provide stable production conditions for the
paper plant

Our paper industry paper pulp pump for paper plant features

1.High efficiency and energy saving: the operating efficiency is 3-10 percentage points higher than that of ordinary
pulp pumps, and the energy saving and consumption reduction are 15-30%;

2.Good cavitation performance and long service life: the actual service life can be increased by 2-3 times compared
with ordinary pulp pumps;

3.High concentration and no blockage: the concentration of conveyed pulp can reach 6%;

4.Reasonable structure and convenient maintenance: the pump head part adopts front and rear door-opening structure, no
need to disassemble the pipeline during maintenance, only need to move the motor backward to disassemble and maintain
the paper pulp pump.

5.The material of the flow parts is cast iron, cast steel and stainless steel for users to choose.

Application industry

1.Paper industry: it is used to transport pulp with a concentration of less than 6%, and circulate, lift and pressurize
the intermediates in the alkaline recovery process;

2.Sugar industry: used to transport syrup with a concentration of less than 4% and a viscosity of less than 150mm2/s;

3.Urban sewage industry: used for circulating transportation, lifting and pressurization of medium in sewage treatment


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