Paper Cup Manufacturing Process

Paper cup is paper container obtained by mechanical processing of base paper(white board paper) and bonding.
And the white board paper made of chemical wood pulp.The paper cup can hold and pack different items,safe and
hygienic,lightand convenient,easy to recycle and reuse.

Paper cup manufacturing process

1.Divide the paper cup into two parts: inner core and outer cover, and process them separately;

2.The outer cover is rolled out of the bottom of the coil before heat sealing and pressing, and then formed, so that
after the outer cover is sleeved on the peripheral side of the inner core, the bottom of the coil can abut against the
outer wall of the inner core and snap into the concave pattern.

3.After the cup body is heat-sealed and pressed into a shape, the end of the cup body away from the cup bottom is
rolled outward to form a curling mouth, and the end of the cup body close to the cup bottom is embossed with

4.The embedding cooperation of the bottom of the roll and the concave pattern, coupled with the bonding of glue,
makes the sleeve and the inner core more firm, and the inner core is not easy to loosen in the outer sleeve.


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