Offset Paper Making Machine for printing industry

The offset paper makingmachine mainly used for offset paper making.Offset paper refers to the paper
in which glue is applied to both sides of the paper to improve its surface properties during the papermaking process, and is
mostly used in the printing industry.


The complete offset paper production line is composed of Damaged paper pulping system,Straw pulp
tank,Wood pulp pulping system,Batching tank,and Offset paper making machine.

Raw material for offset paper making:

Straw pulp,Wood pulp and Damaged paper from paper making machine.

Mixed pulp prepared with straw pulp and wood pulp as raw material,at the same time,recycling damaged paper from paper
machine,increase the richness of raw materials and improve the utilization rate of raw materials

Flow chart of Offset paper making:

Hydropulper—–High density cleaner—–Fiber deflaker—–Doudle disc refiner—–Offset paper making machine—–
Sizing machine

Full offset paper production line low investment in equipment, simple process, high efficiency, and good product quality.


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