New Corrugated Paper Project in Chaozhou

Paper project:Corrugated paper project

Production capacity:Annual output 100,000 tons



The new annual output 100,000 tons corrugated paper project located in Guangzhou,the complete paper

pulp stock preparation system is provided by Leizhan.


The paper pulp stock preparation system including pulping equipment: Chain cnnveyor,D tyoe hydraulic

pulper machine,Dry damaged pulper,Paper deflaking machine,Hydrapurger,Light impurity separator,Reject

separator,Ragger machine and Rope cutter,Middle consistency pressure screen,Inflow pressure screen,

Drum screen,Grapple,and Paper pulp chest agitator.


Recently,the middle consistency pressure screen,Inflow pressure screen,Drum screen,Hydrapurger,Dry

damaged paper pulper,Reject separator,Rope cutter,D type hydraulic pulper machine drive,Slag collecting tank and

spare parts shipping to Guangzhou.


We hope that these equipment will be installed as soon as possible,paper mill will be

officially put into production, and bring benefits to customers!


Leizhan Machinery has been committed to papermaking equipment for

40 years,has mature and reliable and advanced technology,Provides waste paper bale breaking and screening

equipment,pulping equipment, heavy slag cleaning equipment, deinking equipment,etc.Welcome contact me