mc hydrapulper for toilet tissue paper making machine

Medium consistency hydrapulper,or simplely mc hydrapulper for short,
is one of the indispensable pulping equipment in toilet tissue paper making machine

mc hydrapulper main application:

In toilet tissue paper making machine,virgin pulp is an importand raw material for manufacturing
high quality toilet tissue paper,mc hydrapulper mainly used for pulping virgin pulp
and other clean material,pulp consistency can reach 5%-8%which is exactly matched with it.

mc hydrapulper advantages: hydrapulper use S-type energy-saving rotor,reduce energy consumption effectively.

2.The clearance between pulper rotor and sieve plate can be adjusted,to ensure the pulping effect

3.Continuous pulping, can improve the output capacity of the complete toilet tissue paper making

4.The flange of the seminal pulp chamber is built-in, convenient for pulper installation
and maintenance;

5.Stainless steel mc hydrapulper,long service life.


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