Machine for Separate the Paper and Plastic in Paper Mill

In paper mill,if use waste paper as raw material,often need to separate plastic from waste paper,which machine can
separate the paper and plastic efficiently?


The answer is reject separator.Waste paper pulping system in paper mill,due to the different paper
quality of the waste paper, there are a lot of impurities,the reject separator can remove light
impurities and disperse the plastic pieces in the fiber.

Machine for separate the paper and plastic in paper mill features

1.The reject separator is closed under normal pressure and continuous slag discharge;

2.This machine for separate the paper and plastic in paper mill,No clogging and slurry splashing phenomenon, no vibration,
noise, no need for special care,which is easier to operate and maintain;

3.The fiber recovery rate is about 70%, the feed concentration is 1%-2%, and the slag discharge concentration is


The effect of slag discharge of reject separator is as follows:



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